To make our lives simpler, more essential.
Looking for what we really like we have learned
that we needn’t stick to a pattern.
In this process we refine our aesthetic vision.
I believe our baggage should fit in a hand luggage
to be carried lightly. Few basic items, good for all seasons,
interchangeable layers to add or take according to weather,
occasion or state of feeling. Colours like hints on a neutral base,
free combinations, shades that bring memories to life.
Natural fabrics that let through a sense of their own being,
garments that carry the sign of the hand that made them.
Like a second skin, one to feel comfortable in.
We may find ourselves through the way we dress,
which must belong to us. Fine things are always elegant.
We needn’t change. They are timeless and must be made to last.
Their quality must be sublime, so they will age beautifully.
Accessories now have the power to transform what we wear.
They must let one play and be conductive to day dreaming.
Clothes should embody the soul of the wearer, express their style
and ideally vanish.

Cristina Bomba